How to Order

1. Please create an account by clicking on the Register link in the top right hand corner of the page.
2. Once all the personal information has been filed, click on Register button. Do not forget to click on the option "I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy".
3. Select on the item that you would like to purchase, click "Add to Cart"
4. Once you are ready for Checkout, please click on "Checkout" button
5. In the Checkout page, please select the desired Shipping Method
6. Fill in the Note to Seller textbox for any special instructions
7. Click on Place Order once all the order information has been filled.
8. You will be redirected to Notification Transfer IBanking for that specific order. Please transfer the required amount to the BCA account specified in that page. Important: Note Down your Order ID for reference.
9. Fill in the Transaction Time & Date, Sender Name and Amount Transferred Box. If you have the receipt information, please attach it in the Receipt File box.
10. We will process your order asap! Happy Shopping!